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Simon Janes

Simon has more than 25 years experience investigating computer crime and related incidents. He has been described as one of the leading and most experienced computer forensic investigators in both the private and public sectors.  He heads one of the leading computer forensic teams in the UK delivering professional services to businesses, professional bodies and law enforcement agencies throughout Europe and Asia.

He was a Scotland Yard detective for 22 years leading operations on their Computer Crime Unit since the early 1990’s where he accrued unparalleled experience in the investigation of computer related incidents relating to fraud, commercial espionage, hacking, malicious programs, and Internet abuse.  In this role he investigated some of the most high-profile hacking cases of the decade.

Combined with his current experience in the private sector Simon is able to offer a unique and expert insight into the real issues and implications relating to incident handling and information security management.  

Through his work with National Police Training and Interpol, Simon took the lead in developing solutions to issues presented by the legal and ethical requirements of recovering evidence from computers.  He pioneered and developed a number of practices and procedures relating to computer forensics.  In 1996 Simon was appointed the secretary of the newly formed working group for the Association of Chief Police Officers for England, Wales and Northern Ireland that addressed all aspects of Computer Crime.  In 1998, Simon lead the project and co-authored a manual for the Police that set out good practice for computer based evidence.  This document has become the baseline from which International Standards are being set for computer evidence recovery.   

He was a special advisor to the Government’s All Party Internet Group.

Simon has designed, developed and delivered a substantial number of training courses for the private sector as well as UK Law Enforcement Agencies, Interpol and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.  He has worked on related projects with the Governments of Poland and Croatia.  Simon has pioneered practical computer crime training techniques focusing on knowledge, understanding and experience required by senior management within commerce and industry.

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